After two weeks since the escape of Hays Prison inmates Johnny Mac Brown and Michael Tweedle questions still remain in many Chattooga County residents minds.

It became clear late last week how the rumored "cell phone" fit into the story of the prison escape when a warrant was issued by Judge Tracy Maddox charging incarcerated Hays inmate Paul Jacob Grindle with aiding in the escape of  Brown and Tweedle.  Grindle is alledged to have made a cell phone call from inside the prison to a person or persons informing them of the escape.  The question remains, where did Grindle get the cell phone.

Also after the abduction of Summerville resident Kellie Durden and her subsequent release by Johnny Mac Brown in Franklin County, Georgia, the question remains of what happened to Michael Tweedle?  The Georgia Department of Corrections has never confirmed the whereabouts of Tweedle or just when or if Tweedle and Brown split up, but it is assumed that both escaped inmates are no where near Chattooga County.

The Department of Corrections issued a press release on Friday saying that the two could be headed for Canada or Mexico.