State Representative Barbara Massey Reece told AM 1180 on Monday afternoon that David Ralston has been elected Speaker of the House in the Georgia General Assembly.

Reece had stated earlier that she was looking forward to working with Ralston, who represents several counties in Northeast Georgia.  According to the Gainsville Times, Ralston is the first speaker elected from North Georgia in 150 years.  Reece said that often times North Georgia gets overlooked in the legislature and that having a North Georgia native would be a benefit.

As expected Reece voted for the Democratic candidate for Speaker of the House, Calvin Smyre of Columbus, but she told local media yesterday that she thinks that Ralston will usher in a new era of Republican leadership in the State House.  Reece said "I think we can expect some changes. To what degree, I don’t know…..I do think David will improve the flow of communication, and I think he was very sincere about extending his hand across the aisle.”

AM 1180 / RNT