ATLANTA Today Representative Barbara Massey Reece urged her constituents to take advantage of Georgia’s State Income Tax Cancer Check-Off Program.   


Every family has experienced the pain of cancer.  By making a research contribution on our tax form, we can be a part of the search for a cure for our most dreaded disease,” said Rep. Reece.

 Anyone filling out a Georgia Income Tax Return Form, or preparing their state taxes using tax preparation software, can make a contribution to the Georgia Cancer Coalition.  All they have to do is write in a contribution of $1 or more on the Georgia Cancer Research Fund line.  The amount donated will either reduce their refund or increase their payment.  This donation is tax deductable and is matched dollar-for-dollar by research facilities in Georgia. 

As a result of Georgians’ contributions to the Cancer Research Fund on their state income tax returns, the Georgia Cancer Coalition (GCC) has awarded grants to Georgia cancer scientists researching the prevention, detection, and treatment of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer.  The amount of award per researcher ranges from $30,000 to $50,000.


“We are indebted to those citizens who choose to contribute to this valuable effort. The increasing number of researchers who apply for grants indicates that we are making great progress in developing interest in cancer research among the state’s scientific community,” says Bill Todd, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Georgia Cancer Coalition.  “Research is essential in the war on cancer.”


For more information on the Georgia Income Tax Check Off program and a form to instruct your tax preparer to make a donation, go to the Georgia Cancer Coalition website at or call 404-584-7720.