Representative Barbara Massey Reece, D-Menlo, told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that the state is dealing with a severe budget crisis in many areas including education.  Rep. Reece stated that the idea of teachers being furloughed is being talked about to help with the budget crisis.  Rep. Reece said:

"Every department should be looking at furloughs in order to save jobs.  It is entirely possible that the economy could continue to worsen and that the governor’s revenue estimate around which the budget is built would not be accurate.  After all, February’s revenue collections were down almost 35%. 

School systems across the state are looking ahead and seeking ways to save on expenses in order to save jobs, now and in the future.  Rep. Ed Lindsey who chairs the appropriations sub committee on K-12 Education suggested furloughing teachers as a way to preserve jobs if the economy continues to decline.  There is no bill requiring furloughs-just a shortage of money.  I am not sure how furlough days for teachers could be planned without affecting the quality of instruction.  But, other departments have already implemented furlough days."

Reece went on to say that the state is facing a $3.1 Billion deficit and stated that were it not for the federal stimulus package passed by Congress the results across the state would be "catastrophic"