In an article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press this weekend, Representative Barbara Massey Reece states that she can serve the people of Northwest Georgia as a Democrat in the Georgia House.  This after a recent defection of rural – white Democrats to the Republican party after the General Election. 

 The article in the Chattanooga paper points out the defections are not new news in Georgia.  In fact outgoing Republican Governor Sonny Perdue and incoming Governor Nathan Deal were both Democrats at one time.

Chattooga County has leaned Democratic for over 140 years, but the county did give its votes to both Sonny Perdue and Nathan Deal in the last three gubenatorial elections.  However, Democrat Roy Barnes did better in Chattooga County than he did in any other county north of Atlanta, garnering over 30% of the vote.  In most North Georgia counties Barnes vote percentage was in the teens or even lower. 

Representative Reece and Representative Rick Crawford from Cedartown are the only two rural, white Democrats left in North Georgia in either the House or the Georgia Senate.  Reece said that she will remain as she always has been, a conservative Democrat.

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