Two Hays State Prison inmates have likely broken into several Chattooga County homes since they escaped from the prison last week, Department of Corrections Commissioner James Donald said at a press conference this morning.

On Monday, escapee Johnny Mack Brown entered a woman’s house and when she arrived home, forced her to drive to Franklin County in Northeast Georgia, where he was picked up by an unidentified person. The woman was not harmed.

The search for Brown and Michael Tweedel continues. According to Donald, both were injured during the escape, and authorities have been following a trail of bloody clothing. Donald would not comment on whether the two were still together.

“We don’t want them to know what we know,” he said.

According to the DOC, the search will now be expanded to include a larger area, with the assistance of state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the Southeast.

During the press conference this morning, Donald also expressed disappointment in the three individuals — including Warden Dale Herndon — who were suspended in connection with the escape.

“Budget cutbacks have nothing to do with the failure here,” he said. “That was human failure.”

He expects that all three will likely be fired following an investigation.