It used to be if someone wanted to be a Georgia State Trooper that person couldn’t have any tattoos visible below the elbow.  Recent rule changed will now allow for tattoos below the elbow, but they cannot be displayed.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety has issued new guidelines that will allow troopers to wear long-sleeved shirts in the summertime to cover up any tattoos.  In the past, troopers were required to start wearing short-sleeved uniform shirts during warm weather.

Applicants to be Georgia State Patrol cadets still can’t have tattoos on their neck or face.

The policy could particularly affect military veterans who would like to become troopers. Department of Public Safety recruiting coordinator Lt. Auston Allen “People that are in service, in public service, have been allowed to get tattoos on their forearms or slightly below the elbow that until this policy change has automatically been disqualified from attending trooper school,” he said. “Now they have an option and some of those will make outstanding troopers no doubt.”

WMAZ contributed to this story