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A runaway vehicle hit a mobile home, causing some minor damage, though the vehicle owner didn’t initially report the incident.

According to reports from the Chattooga County Sheriffs Office, Patrick Shaver told Deputies that on May 31st, his vehicle slid down his driveway located on Long Hollow Road, and it struck a mobile home, causing damage to both the mobile home and the vehicle. Shaver retrieved his vehicle, but thinking that no one was home, did not notify anyone or make a report.

The next day, June 1st, Shaver noticed a patrol car in the mobile homes drive and went down to confess. Shaver was apologetic and stated that he did not think anyone was at home at the time. Property owner, Melissa Farley and Shaver spoke and worked out a deal to cover the damages. A report was placed on file at the request of Farley.