A man believe to be part of a group known as the Irish Travelers, was detained for questioning by Calhoun Police after officers conducted a traffic stop on Nov. 24.

According to police, the Irish Travelers have developed a reputation for being professional con-artists. Many groups of Irish Travelers travel the country offering to do work such as paint barns and provide roof repairs. The Travelers have also used a technique of claiming to sell linoleum.

According to police, while one suspect distracts a homeowner, usually an elderly person, another will steal into the house and steal money and other items.

During the course of their investigation, the CPD detectives learned the Irish Travelers purposely target elderly victims, but consider anyone to be fair game.

Detective Lt. Tony Pyle is urging citizens to be wary of these possible crimes, and to report suspicious activity.

Some basic guidelines for protecting oneself, according to Pyle, is to be wary of unexpected interaction with strangers, either in person or on the telephone. Also, be cautious of door-to-door salesmen and get rich quick scams and any scam that requires a cash or bank withdrawal.

Pyle says to also ask for official identification and print “for deposit only” on any checks to create a paper trail.

Calhoun Times