Sheriff John Everett is defending his decision to keep more inmates in the Chattooga County Jail.  In today’s Summerville News, the Sheriff stated that some people are complaining about the large number of inmates being housed in the jail.  Everett told the paper "They are trying to make it look like I’m doing something bad when I’m actually trying to something good and save money, too.  We don’t have $881,000 to house inmates out of the county.  We’ve only got $380,000 budgeted."

Last week AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with Sheriff Everett about the jail population.  At that time Sheriff Everett said the reason for the large number of inmates was due to upcoming court dates and that some prisoners were waiting for housing in state prisons.  Everett stated "I guess it does look bad, but some of these inmates will be transferred after court."

The article in The Summerville News states that Everett is installing more bunks in the jail in order to house more inmates.