If you go to vote early in Chattooga County, you will find a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Deputy posted at the door of the Registrars Office.

Apparently, a voter showed up at the polls to cast his ballot this week and had on a cap supporting a political candidate.  Georgia law is clear, there can be no campaign paraphernalia within 150 feet of any polling place.  The law has been in place for decades, but when a poll worker at the registrars office tried to enforce the rule the voter got upset.  A poll worker was shoved during the confrontation with the voter, prompting the sheriff to post a deputy at the door.

“There has been a couple of incidents where people have gotten agitated,” Sheriff Schrader said. “Some of them have gotten pretty heated.”

When you go to vote early, or on election day, remember that no shirts, caps or hats, bumper stickers, signs or any other political paraphernalia should be within 150 feet of the polling place.