AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with Sheriff John Everett on Friday about the first two days on the job for Chattooga County’s new top law enforcement officer.  Everett said that overall everything has gone smoothly as he took over the helm from former Sheriff Ralph Kellett.  Everett took office at Midnight on New Years Day. Everett said that there was a large amount of old paperwork at the Sheriff’s Office that was left behind.  Everett said that he and his workers went through and cleaned out some of the old  paperwork dating back to the 1980’s  that was no longer needed.   Everett said that other than a few problems with computer passwords, that have since been resolved, there have been no major hurdles since coming into office.  Everett pointed out the large amount of drug arrests and DUI’s that have been made in the past two days as evidence that things are running smoothly.