Wondering what was the use of that digital converter box the government made you buy last year? Now you can get more use out of it (not necessary if you have a digital TV) starting Jan. 1, when a new digital-only network sets up shop. Antenna TV goes on the air at midnight on New Years Day with a 28-hour Three Stooges marathon, followed by a 26-hour Benny Hill marathon. 

If you have any eyeballs or IQ points left after that, it switches to a vintage TV schedule. The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show. The Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickock. The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin. Dennis The Menace, The Farmer’s Daughter, with Inger Stevens. Then for you young folks, there’s The Monkees and The Partridge Family, Sandford & Son, The Nanny, Maude, Married With Children, Good Times and much more including lots of movies. You will not find Antenna TV on cable or satellite — at least not for now. It’s launching on digital sub channels of TV stations multicasting in 17 U.S. markets. In North Georgia, you’ll find it on WKSY’s (Sky 21) Sub Channel 21.2.