According to information from the Georgia Department of Public Health that was released this week, Chattooga County is one of three counties in Northwest Georgia listed as a “high transmission area” for coronavirus.

The Department of Public Health classifies any county that has over 100 new cases per 100,000 population per two week period as a high transmission area. Chattooga, Floyd County and Bartow County all made that list.

The Rome News Tribune reported, “Public health officials have also stated their concern of a possible spike in cases and hospitalizations after Labor Day — like the ones seen in previous holiday weekends in Georgia. Those spikes led to increased hospitalizations. It also led to the deadliest month locally — August accounted for the death of 17 Floyd County residents. So far, 39 COVID-19 positive locals have died from the disease.”

As of Tuesday, Floyd Medical Center and Redmond Regional Medical center housed 45 COVID-19 positive patients. That number has been dropping slowly, an encouraging sign.