AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio reported on Wednesday that Chattooga County was left out of the first round of funding from the Federal Stimulus Package passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  However, Commissioner Jason Winters says that he thinks that in the second round of funding Chattooga County could see some road improvement funds coming to the county. Some of the areas that are included in the request for stimulus include around three miles of paving in the Berryton area from Back Berryton Road to Smallen Road to Oak Hill Road.  Also around two and half miles of paving on Mahan Road to Hair Lake Road.  Other areas include Starling Mill Road, Little Sand Mtn. Road, Brow Drive, South Brow Drive, Johnston Road, Sloppy Floyd Lake Road, Gadsden Avenue at Cloudland, Old Holland Road and Center Post Road from Giles Road to the Walker County Line. The county is also hoping to get some Federal Stimulus money for the Lyerly Dam Bridge project.  Estimates are that the cost to repair the bridge is around $177,000.
The Federal Stimulus Package is a $2 Trillion package that is officially called the American Recovery and Investment Act.