The City of Summerville has announced a called meeting this evening.  The Summerville City Council will be meeting at 5:30 PM at Summerville City Hall.  Residents can also listen in by phone to tonight’s meeting and take part in a question and answer session prior to the meeting.

On the agenda, the council will be discussing approving a payment of $6,250 to GPM Equipment Sales for 250 gallons of odorant for the city’s natural gas system.  Also, the council is expected to approve a payment of $21,229.12 to Blount Construction for asphalt.  That money will be coming from the 2021 LMIG Grant that the city has received.  The council is also to consider approval of a payment of over $32,000 to Video Industrial Services to clean and video the city’s sewer system.

You can see the complete agenda below, along with instruction on how to attend the meeting virtually.

Zoom meetings notes for participants: You may join via computer, smart phone, and telephone. Participants will be muted by upon joining the meeting, and will be given opportunity to speak in sections of the meeting for public comments and questions.

Meeting ID: 899 5238 8380

Password:  751020

To join by computer or smart phone:

To join by telephone:

Call 1-646-876-9923 and enter the meeting ID and password when prompted