In February, Dr. Dwight Pullen, Chattooga County School Superintendent, will be presenting a report on the four-day school week to the Chattooga County Board of Education. 

Chattooga High School Prinicpal Jimmy Lenderman told AM 1180 in a recent interview that at Chattooga High School the four-day school week has been working out well.  Lenderman said at the High School teacher absentees had been reduced by 30% and discipline issue had improved.  According to Mr. Lenderman in November of 2009 there were 152 discipline issues at the High School and in November of 2010 that number was down to 50.   

The principal also stated that a lot of people had been concerned about the test scores with students going to a four-day school week in the Chattooga County School system.  According to Lenderman at CHS the students scored over 90% on the writing test – the same number for 2009 when the system was on a five-day school week.