The last of five people charged in an adulterated meat case on which Georgia Department of Agriculture Meat Compliance Officers began surveillance and investigation two years ago has been convicted, Commissioner Tommy Irvin said.

Charles Ricky Bobo of a Cumming address, was found guilty in Walker County Superior Court on nine counts of violations of Georgia’s Meat Inspection Act.   He was found guilty on such charges as offering meat under a false label, offering uninspected meat and intent to fraud.  Bobo was charged on 26 counts in February of last year with the violations based on the casework prepared by the Georgia Department of Agriculture investigation.  Bobo is incarcerated awaiting sentencing in March.

The GDA Officers worked closely with District Attorney Herbert (Buzz) Franklin in Walker County to provide the crucial testimony and evidence linking Bobo to the illegal sale, slaughter, processing and delivery of mislabeled, adulterated and uninspected meat.

“I want to thank and congratulate my staff, the federal workers and the officials in Walker County for their hard work on this case,” said Commissioner Irvin.   

“People are subject to possible injury from the unwholesome, adulterated or misbranded meat operations such as this and livestock producers and meat processors of wholesome products also suffer losses,” said Irvin.

The five arrests made in February 2007 were the result of an intense year-long investigation by GDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Service (USDA FSIS).  GDA Compliance Officers and USDA investigators coordinated the arrests with Walker, Bartow, Gwinnett and Barrow Counties.   Four of those charged in the case pled guilty earlier.

Bobo was convicted of charges made in connection with the slaughter of sheep in December, 2006 that were intended for distribution in the Atlanta area.


Georgia Department of Agriculture Press Release