The Chattooga County parents charged with tattooing six of their children with a homemade contraption have the children back in their custody, officials said. Jacob Edward Bartles and Patty Jo Marsh were charged with tattooing their children by Chattooga County authorities.

Meanwhile the mother of three of the children, Tina Handwerk, is trying to fight for custody and told reporters that they were extremely upset that the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services had returned the children to Marsh and Bartles. According to Sheriff John Everett the children were returned to the couple three days after the incident came to light.

Marsh, 33, and Bartels, 34, were charged with using a homemade tattoo needle made from electrical cord, spliced wiring and a guitar string to tattoo themselves and six children ages 10 to 17, reports show.

They were charged with cruelty to children and reckless conduct on Dec. 28.

No court date has been set, records show.