An out of town organizer is planning a "Tea Party" Rally in Chattooga County on January 28th.  The event is being organized in part by Jim Groce from Chickamauga.  The group’s speaker for the evening will be Republican Candidate for Governor of Georgia Ray Mc Berry.

McBerry – who ran against Governor Perdue in the 2008 Republican Primary – is orginally from Henry County and claims "states rights" as part of his agenda for governor.  According to McBerry’s campaign web-site he proposes the abolition of income and property taxes and going to an increased sales tax to fund a state government that would have limited services.  In fact McBerry calls income tax a "Marxist" idea. 

McBerry also talks about an issue on his web site not heard often in Georgia politics today – segregation.  McBerry states: "I support the right of freedom of association and abhor such things as government-imposed segregation and government-imposed integration."  (

Mr. Groce spoke with AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio earlier this week and said that his group is non-partisan and is simply a group of "grass root citizens concerned about the direction of our country."   Groce said there will be a $5.00 charge to cover the cost of the food provided at the event, which will be held at Pop’s in Summerville.  He wants to find out how much interest there is in his group from the citizens of Chattooga County.