Several grams of cocaine and a small amount of marijuana were discovered Friday by the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department. Two deputies were serving a warrant at 664 Packer Dairy Road, Gore, when they found the narcotics. A total of three people were arrested. Deputy Brad Skinner and Kandy Harrelson arrived at the residence at 1:09 p.m. and asked for Charity London if John Wade was inside. She claimed only babies were inside.The deputies were allowed inside the residence and they found 29-year-old Javotte R. Smith in a bathroom. After checking with the Summerville Police Department, the deputies discovered that Smith had outstanding warrants.

“As (I) advised him that he was under arrest and started to place a cuff on his right arm, he broke lose pushing Deputy Skinner out of the way and running out the door into the woods,” Deputy Harrelson reported.


The deputies chased him out the door but they couldn’t catch him. The Hays State Prison Canine Unit was called to chase Smith through the woods. The prison had only one canine hander to respond because of budget cuts. The prison now allows dog handlers to chase violent criminals without the aid of another person.


Deputies arrested London and Wade at the scene. Warrants were taken against Smith, according to drug agents.

The Summerville News