The Town of Trion held their regular monthly meeting and monthly worksession yesterday evening at the Town Hall Conference Room.  The council worksession was held at 6 PM followed by a brief break and then the regular monthly meeting.  This is the same format used by the City of Summerville for their regular monthly meetings. 

Newly elected Mayor Johnny Ingle said that the council was going to try the new format instead of having the worksession on Tuesday followed by the regular monthly meeting on Thursday as it has been done in the past.

A Trion resident expressed his opposition to the new format saying that the council members should keep the old way of doing things so that they would "have time to think about what they are doing."  That idea was echoed by two Trion council members at the end of the regular monthly meeting.  Councilmen Johnny Simmons and James Russell both expressed their opinion that the meetings should go back to the old schedule. Trion Mayor Ingles thanked the resident and the council members for their input but did not give any indication that next months meetings would be conducted any differently.

Also the Town of Trion announced their new town attorney.  Chris Corbin of Farrar and Corbin in Summerville will be serving the town for the next four years as their town council, replacing former town attorney Albert Palmor.