The Town of Trion held its regular monthly council meeting Thursday night. One of the main topics discussed was that of naming a new architect for the Industrial Park clean-up project. The issue was tabled by a unanimous vote led by a motion made by Councilman John Simmons. Simmons felt that he and other council members needed more time review proposals submitted to the Mayor and Council by various architectural firms to make the best decision possible on hiring the most competent and cost effective architect. This decision to postpone selecting an architect puts a hold on proceedings to clean up the Industrial Park site in order to attract new business to Chattooga County. Simmons said that maybe the Mayor and Council could hold a called meeting next week sometime to make a decision on which architectural firm the council will choose.
In other action the Council voted to approve a new Insurance Plan proposed by local agent Tony Jones for the Town of Trion Employees. The Council also voted to approve the June 30, 2008 audit report and they set the 2009 election qualifying fees as $216.00 for the Mayor’s position and $36.00 for School Board and Council Seats.

Mary Beth Housch