Trion Police Chief Chad Spraggins told the Trion Town Council on Thursday evening that his department had received two used patrol cars from the Walker County Sheriff’s Department.  The two cars were donated to the Town of Trion after they lost two patrol cars during a flash flood last year in the parking lot of the Trion Town Hall.

Chief Spraggins told AM 1180 that he had to spend some money getting the cars ready to go, including a new paint job.  The cars were painted the traditional black and white police colors.  Spraggins said members of the community have commented that they liked the new color scheme on the vehicles.

The cars donated by Walker County were high mileage vehicles, but Spraggins said that they should provide many miles of service for the Trion Police Department.  The Trion Town Council also approved the purchase of two more patrol units.  Councilman Johnny Simmons made the motion to allow Chief Spraggins and Mayor Johnny Ingle to make the purchases and the rest of the council agreed.  The money for the two units will come from a settlement of around $29,000 from the town’s insurance company.