Trion City Schools released a statement this week concerning a case of COVID-19 within the football program at Trion High School. 

According to Trion City School officials, “The infected person started showing symptoms following a scheduled outside workout activity. This person was not within 6 feet of any individual continuously for more than 15 minutes as required by the CDC recommendations nor was he present in the locker rooms or other indoor facilities that day. Therefore, we do not feel that any of our athletes are at a high risk of being infected. However, we will follow necessary procedures to keep our other athletes and staff as safe as possible.”

The infected individual is required to be quarantined for 14 days OR until proof of a negative test can be provided.

School officials say, “Over the next 14 days TCS will be monitoring each individual on the team very closely. There will be increased temperature checks along with more stringent cleaning procedures.”

Those procedures include:

    • Everyone will be temperature screened
    • Hand sanitizer will be required to be used
    • All equipment will be sanitized at the end of each use
    • Masks are recommended but not required to be worn in indoor facilities like locker rooms
    • Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to strictly whenever possible
    • Locker rooms and equipment will be fogged daily using a sanitizing fogger