The Trion Town Council met Thursday night in a special called meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the faltering economy and what the Town of Trion can do to survive the recession. Attorney Albert Palmour advised the City Council members to be careful with their expenses. He suggested that they be sure not to spend money that they could have cut back on. He also suggested that the Town Council consider their citizens in this economic time of hardship and not raise any taxes. City Councilman John Simmons suggested that their be a planning committee formed for the Town to begin  next week holding planning session meetings with Department heads to discuss cutting back in all areas possible. He wants to see everyone employed by the Town of Trion come together and make an effort to cut back on as many expenditures as possible. "These are things we can do to save city money and we will but we are in business to serve our citizens and that’s the main thing," stated Simmons. The Mayor and Council are all concerned about the economic crisis and want to strive to save money and cut back on expenditures as much as possible.

In other business, the Council approved the purchase of a new garbage truck. The truck will cost the town around $105,000 and Council members agreed that this was a necessary purchase and the money is in the budget for the purchase. The  Council voted to transfer a sum of $500,000 from the Enterprise Fund (Gas) to the General Fund to be used to pay bills and other operational costs until revenue from property tax comes in. The Council members also decided to begin holding planning sessions next week to discuss with employees and department heads the importance of saving money in all areas and in all ways possible.