The school administration at Trion is concerned about the budget shortfalls that are on the horizon for education.  Reportedly the administrators at Trion City Schools met with teachers on Monday to discuss the situation.

With 92% of Trion City Schools budget going towards salaries, it appears almost certain that some teaching jobs will be cut.  School administrators have reportedly been meeting with some teachers to tell them that they may not have their contracts renewed for next year. 

Also, teachers were reportedly told that they might find themselves teaching classes that would not be their first choice.

Earlier this week AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with Representative Barbara Reece who expressed her concerns about the education budget in the upcoming legislative session.  Education spending is almost certain to be cut back as the state reels from budget shortfalls.  Larger class sizes are one of the remedies being proposed for the decrease in educational dollars to pay teachers.