A Tunnel Hill man’s weekend got off to a great start. James Holmes, 68, won $221,446 in Thursday’s Fantasy 5 drawing. He claimed his prize Friday afternoon after buying the ticket at Kangaroo Express on Dietz Road in Ringgold.

“I went to a store to check my ticket,” Holmes said. “I saw that I won, so I held on to it real tight.”

He was excited to share the news.

“I told my girlfriend, ‘Baby, I won, I won, I won,’ ” he said. “She’s just tickled to death.”

Holmes, who describes himself as a retired jack-of-all-trades, is thinking about a new car. But first he will pay bills and take a vacation.

Winning numbers for the drawing were: 2-4-10-17-22.

Kangaroo Express will receive a $6,000 retailer incentive bonus.

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