Attorneys for Ed and Brenda Hammitt along with Rome web site owner Teresa Watson have agreed on a tentative date for the law suite being brought by the Hammit’s against Watson to be heard in a Chattooga County Court.  Judge Ralph Hill extended the time before the trial at the request of the Hammitt’s attorney Bobby Lee Cook who cited that fact that Watson had switched attorney’s in the case.  The pre trial hearings in the case will begin in December of this year and a jury trial should be underway by February of next year.   Ms. Watson’s attorney is Vince Anderson of Dalton and a co-defendent in the case, Kennith Busbin is being represented by local Chattooga County attorney Ben Ballenger.

The Hammitt’s are suing Watson for comments that she made on her web site accusing them of breaking the law.  The Hammitt’s have never been arrested or charged with any of the crimes mentioned on the Watson Web Site.