The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources dropped 9,000 Crappie into Weiss Lake on Wednesday afternoon at Bay Springs Campground as part of their annual restocking program.

Weiss Lake Improvement Association President Carolyn Landrum said There would be a total of 90,000 Crappie stocked in the lake this year, spread out from the Leesburg Landing to Bay Springs to the Causeway at the Weiss Mart in Cedar Bluff, Jr`s Marina, Rooster`s on Cowan Creek, as well as Riverside Campground in Cedar Bluff.

Landrum went on to say that it was a big monetary commitment that the Alabama Department of Conservation has made over the years to stock the lake, she said that when the Weiss Lake Improvement Association paid for the fish they were paying $.25 per fish, do the math and that is a lot of money that the state has put into the lake

The fish placed in the lake this were considerably larger than those put in last year ranging anywhere from 3-5inches

The restock is a big help on tourism on Weiss Lake as it keeps the fisherman coming back to Cherokee County year to year and in return keeps the numbers up on the Lake.

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