At the end of last night’s county commissioner meeting Commissioner Jason Winters commented on the recent hiring of former Department of Corrections employee Johnny Crawford as Work Detail Coordinator for Chattooga County.

Commissioner Winters told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that Crawford’s responsibilites will include scheduling and coordinating prison work crews in the county.  Winters said that the current arrangement with Hays State Prison is a contract that is renewed monthly and that with the addition of Crawford as a part-time employee the county will be able to make better use of the prison work details.

Winters said recently the prison work crews had made improvements to the Grand Jury Room at the Chattooga County Courthouse including new paint and removing mold and mildew.  Also prison work crews have been working at the Subligna Community Center repair termite damage.

The county is payin Mr. Crawford $15 per hour.  Winters said that the money is well spent since already improvements in work crew coordination have been seen.