Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters said on Tuesday that he would be in favor of a bill that has been introduced in the Georgia Senate that would allow counties to opt out of comprehensive planning.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Senate Bill 86 would allow counties to maintain and update their plans only if they wish to.

The state Department of Community Affairs approves the plans, which local governments use to guide growth and development, plan for building infrastructure and strategize about development and use of resources.

Those in favor of the bill called the required planning an "unfunded mandate" and said in these tight economic times he wants to give counties the freedom to spend the time and money elsewhere.

Commissioner Winters told AM 1180, "Our comprehensive plan that we have just completed cost between $35,000 and $40,000 to produce. The regional commission covered 80% of the cost and the county covered the other 20% which allows the cities to not have to contribute money. We have not been billed yet by the regional commission."

Winters said that the comprehensive plan is just one of the areas that the state could cut that would not only save state dollars but local too.

Read more about HB 86 in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: